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Frequently Asked Questions

As a Creative Concierge® we can work on a retainer basis, per project or per hour, depending on your goals, needs, wants and budget.
Indeed!  We have worked with businesses as far north as Vermont and west as Oregon and California!
How much does a car cost?
Sorry to be cheeky.  But like a car, or a refrigerator or even a house, it depends on how much “stuff” and the size! A WordPress site that just has information and a contact page will be far less than one that requires special programming or e-commerce functionality.

Snap’s sites are competitively priced for the average small business or professional looking to create an impact on the web.  And, we are here if you need help down the line.  You won’t be dealing with anonymous customer service people earning an hourly wage.  Nancy and John built the site; Nancy will be your contact in the beginning, during development, and in the years to come.

No!  Snap’s clients receive instructions on how to make basic changes to text and images, and of course, create new Blog posts. Just log on through a special page that will direct you to a WordPress “dashboard” that you can manage without fear of “taking down” the site!